2019 Candidates – Event Promoters/Administration

Event Promoters/Administration - All Counties

Instructions for Voters: Please read the bios for all 4 categories of Inductees: Entertainer- Living, Posthumous Entertainer/Songwriter/Promoter, Songwriters and Event Promoters/Administration. Pick 3 Candidates from the Entertainer - Living Category (one from each County) and 1 from the other Categories.  When you have made your selections, click on 'Vote'.

Fred Brown - Marysville/Enterprise

A multi-instrumentalist, Fred Brown has been part of the music scene in the tri-county area for more than fifty years. Fred is perhaps best known for his fiddle playing; however, he also plays guitar and mandolin. Fred has been a key organizer in many of ...Read More

Leo Provost - Marmora

Country music has played a big part in Leo's life. Leo and his wife Pat have played and sang as a duo for many years. A couple of decades ago, Leo, his fellow members of the Marmora Crowe Valley Lions Club and Buck Warren came together to form the... Read More

Roy and Joan Shepherd - Bedford

Joan and Roy Shepherd are best known for their involvement in jams throughout south-eastern Ontario. Wherever they were there was sure to be music and some sort of open mic jam going on. They’ve been at the heart of Amherst Island Radio, on the Ellis...Read More

Ellis Wolfreys - Verona/Amherst Island

I was born in York County ( Richmond Hill ) December 4, 1940, and I am the youngest of eight boys. Raised on Amherst Island, some of my brothers and I would listen to WWVA in Wheeling West Virginia on my Dad's battery radio. Guess that's when I got... Read More