2019 Candidates -Posthumous

Entertainers/Songwriters/Promoters - All Counties

Instructions for Voters: Please read the bios for all 4 categories of Inductees: Entertainer- Living, Posthumous Entertainer/Songwriter/Promoter, Songwriters and Event Promoters/Administration. Pick 3 Candidates from the Entertainer - Living Category (one from each County) and 1 from the other Categories.  When you have made your selections, click on 'Vote'.

Glennie Brant - Tyendinaga First Nations

Glen was born in Belleville and grew up on the Tyendinaga First Nations Reserve at Shannonville. From an early age. Glen was drawn to the guitar with a desire to become a professional guitarist. By his teenage years Glen started filling in for local ...Read More

Don Johnson - Tamworth

Don grew up on the family farm on the south shore of Beaver Lake, just west of Tamworth. At an early age it was evident that Don was more inclined to mastering the violin rather than the daily chore of milking cows and farming. Don played the usual... Read More

Little Jimmy Ellis - Springbrook

Born in Welland, Jimmy moved to Marmora at age ten. Jimmy started off in a rock n’roll band but turned to classic country with Keith Tompkins and The Cedar Valley Boys. Jimmy and his grandsons restarted the group after Keith’s retirement.Read More

Boyd (Buck) Warren - Marmora

Boyd started playing guitar at fourteen years of age. He played in many country and bluegrass bands including his own bands. Some of the bands he was a member of were ; Country Roads, Harold Davidson, Brimstone, Gerry Seaboyer Band,  Gord Wright and... Read More

Floyd Woodcock - Moira

Floyd was born at White Lake, a few miles south of Madoc. In his early years young Floyd would be found with his beloved fiddle at local parties every weekend. It was at one of these parties that he met Alma Wood, his wife to be and life's partner. Read More