Bill White / 2017 Hall of Fame

Bill White was born south of Plevna on Road #506 on his parents (Morley and Ada White) pioneer farm. Bill has many siblings. His three brothers were all musical talents that played professionally. Bill's instruments of choice were the guitar and mandolin. His brother Murray is a very good lead guitarist and his deceased brother Dale, was a bass player.

In the early days of Bill's career he played for the Neil Perry Orchestra in Plevna for many years until he moved to the South Frontenac area.  He became an electrician and spent several years working for Alcan in Kingston. Bill started playing the mandolin with Buddy Cork and "Grass Creek", a well known Blue Grass group. Blue Grass was just getting known in the area after beginning in the Appalachians, later moving into Canada.

In the late 1980s (or early 1990s) he met his second wife Lois. Together they formed a group called "Echo Mountain" comprised of both Canadian and American performers.  Lois was a dual citizen of Canada and the US so the group played often in the US becoming well known. Bill played the guitar, mandolin and sang. One of Bill's sons - Joe, played in the band as well and became a five-time champion fiddle player with the Central Canada Music Association (CCMA).

"Echo Mountain" was dissolved shortly after the death of Lois, around 2001.  The final performance of the band was a tribute to Lois at the Stirling Festival Theatre.

Never idle, Bill formed another Blue Grass group entitled "Bill White and White Pine", winning numerous awards with the CCMA.  Bill is a 5 time CCMA Vocalist of the Year and a one time CCMA Entertainer of the Year.

About 3 years ago (2014) Bill and his brother Murray formed another group entitled 'The White Brothers' which included Bill's two sons, Joe and Jimmy. This group has played at the last 3 years at the Flinton Community Jamboree and elsewhere.

The idea of the Land O' Lakes Traditional Music Hall of Fame is attributed to Bob Taylor and Bill White during a morning meeting over coffee.

Today, Bill resides in Kingston with his wife, June.

Bio dictated by Bob Taylor