Ernie Smith / 2018 Hall of Fame

Ernie Smith is a 2018 Entertainer Living Inductee.

Ernie was born in Rockport, but his family relocated to Kingston when he was young. He started drumming at an early age and is best known as a percussionist and vocalist. At age fifteen in 1958, Ernie started his musical performance career in a group known as “Riders of the Trail”; however, the band changed it’s name in the same year to “The Country Hoppers”.

Ernie has played in many bands throughout the years which may be catalogued as follows; 1962 “The Fred Paquin Band”, 1966 “The Capris”, 1968 “The Wildwoods”, 1980 “Bakerfield”, 1990 “Bob McQuaid and Concho”, 1994 “Miner’s Bay”, 2010 to the present with “Heartland”.

Ernie is currently 76 years of age and still performing.