George York / 2016 Hall of Fame

The Life and Times of George York

George and Anna York are lifelong residents of Marlbank, living at Lime Lake where they raised their family of six children on the family farm. In addition to farming, George also worked at several other jobs to make ends meet.

Although George is not sure of his family roots we figure there must be some Irish in his lineage mostly because of his love of music.  The other love of his life, his wife Anna, also is blessed with a love of music.  Together they formed a hillbilly band, 'Anna and the Goodtimers' which has entertained at many community events in the Marlbank area.  George still appears at many open mics with his trusty mandolin.

One of George's other occupations was auctioneering, a profession which expanded his horizons and list of friends.  George's small community was in desperate need of community recreational resources so George started arranging community jamborees, getting his musical friends to volunteer their time and talent to raise money for the the ball field, community hall and for the locals who were in need as the result of illness or accident.  Over the years George raised many thousands of dollars for these benevolent causes with little official acknowledgement.  As it often the case it became a case of 'let George do it' and George continued to do it and do it so well.

As a result of his efforts to raise these benevolent funds and compassion through his musical venues we are proud to have George inducted into the Hall of Fame in the promoters category.

"Yes, George, even if there is no Irish in your bloodlines, I'm sure they (the Irish) would be most happy to lay claim to you."

Biography by Bob Taylor.

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  1. I worked 5 years for George when he was an auctioneer. I loved it. We had a lot of laughs including Anna.
  2. I worked with George in his office at the auction barn. Loved it. We had lots of laughs.

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