Ross Clow / 2017 Hall of Fame

Ross Clow was born and raised near Verona. Ross spent more than a decade as the lead singer for Don Johnson and the Serenaders, a long-running dance orchestra with weekly radio shows on two Kingston radio stations during '50s and '60s. In his senior years Ross gravitated towards gospel music with the Gospel Jewels and later with the Old Hims. Ross was inducted into the Land O' Lakes Traditional Music Hall of Fame August 5, 2017 and presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Flinton Jamboree.

'I grew up on a farm near the village of Verona. Sunday afternoons were spent in the parlour with my mother playing the pump organ and each one of us, my brother and three sisters singing. Every Saturday night we would listen to the Grand Ol' Opry and Wheeling West Virginia Country Music.  At a very young age I made my mind up that I would be a country music singer.  My Dad bought me a used guitar when I was twelve years old.  After learning how to play the guitar I felt I was ready to play in a band.  At the age of 17 arrangements were made for me to meet the manager of CKWS Radio Station in Kingston.  After listening to me he asked me to speak with Don Johnson which I did.  After that day in 1952 Don hired me to sing country music in his band.  During this time, travelling with the band was the highlight of my life.  In the 1950's Don's band was very popular, always booked one year in advance.  After 10 years with the band I felt I needed a more secure life.  At this time I was married and had 4 children.

In 1965 I was converted and traveled singing Gospel Music.  The first Gospel Group I formed was called The Gospel Jewels.  We traveled for 10 years throughout most of Ontario, Quebec and State side. I have had the privilege of singing over the CBC Radio Station on 100 Huntley Street and on local television and radio stations.  For 10 years I traveled in Solo Ministry.  I have several CD's which are played from coast to coast.

In 2003 my friend Charlie King and I started a Gospel group called The Old Hims.  At the age of 82 I still love to sing Country and Gospel in Senior's Homes, various churches and concerts. My family consists of my wife Donna, 6 children, 9 grandchildren and 2 great grandsons.'