Garnet Hart – Entertainer – Living

Garnet was born and raised on a farm near the village of Roslin and Plainfield area. He began playing ukulele at the age of seven and switched to guitar when he reached twelve and began playing guitar and singing in a one room public school near his home. Garnet played his first professional dance in Roslin with his parents at age thirteen and earned three dollars for his effort. Both his parents were musical, playing fiddle and piano.

Since his young teenage years, Garnet has been entertaining audiences at country dances, country festivals, nursing homes, charity events and during the summer months, played at "music in the park". During the late 70's and early 80's, he and two of his brothers, played the bluegrass circuit in Southern Ontario. They played with well-known artists such as Keith Whitley, Ralph Stanley, Jim and Jessie, Charlie Waller, Glen Lawson and many others. For two years Garnet did a TV show on Cable 4 in Belleville and was one of the founding members of "The Myers Creek Bluegrass Club”.

Although he enjoys many types of good music, Garnet has always been a true country/bluegrass performer. Garnet is seventy-nine years of age.


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