Glennie Brant – Posthumous

GLEN BRANT 1948-2016

Glen was born in Belleville and grew up on the Tyendinaga First Nations Reserve at Shannonville. From an early age. Glen was drawn to the guitar with a desire to become a professional guitarist. His father tried valiantly to dissuade him, advising him he needed to get a real job. This only increased young Glen's fervor to become the best guitar picker around. In his late teens Glen started filling in for local country bands including Doug McCrory and the Country Rebels. Throughout his career on stage, Glen was always immaculately dressed and impeccably groomed. Glen played most weekends at local pubs, while working at Northern Telecom. Glen's first break came when he joined the touring Miles Cameron Band and played across Ontario including many Northern Ontario towns and cities such as Timmins, Kapuskasing, Hearst , Geraldton and Kirkland Lake.

One night an Kentuckian country star, Ray Smith spotted Glen and it was off to the brighter lights of southern Ontario cities for Glen such as Burlington, Hamilton, Kitchener, Toronto, Peterborough, and North Bay, with monthly stops at the Old Birdcage Lounge at Kingston and Brockville. Life on the road was great with his tag-a-long wife, Jean. Every summer, the band would travel to Ray Smith's hometown of Paducah, Kentucky where they would perform nightly for a month.

As time went by, Jean became pregnant with their first child, Tracy, and returned home. After another five months, Glen had his fill of life on the road and returned home and got a day job. However Glen continued his musical career with the local rock n’roll band , Shotgun and later the rock n’roll band Brandy and even a short stint playing the Blues. Later Glen returned to country with Houston for a lengthy period and occasionally filled in with Charlie King's band Shiloh, while holding down a day job with Purolater.

in 2014, Glen took ill and retired; His health continued to fail until he passed in July of 2016. Glen will be remembered as a first rate instrumentalist, husband, father.


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