Joe Saunders – Entertainer – Living

Joe began singing with his father at the age of six and started playing a Sears guitar at age eleven. He soon graduated to his father’s Gretsch guitar at thirteen and played it all through highschool. Joe wrote his first song by seventeen. He played in the Harmony Kings with Charlie King and also played in the Land o’ Lakes Cruisers with Cathy Whalen. Joe learned how to run a band from Doug Mumford. There were four main rules; show up on time, dress properly, setup the equipment together and the band eats first.

By 1980 Joe started the Red Rose Express which ran for thirty-eight years. Joe has had four of his songs published and charted in Canada. In 1986-87 “Is That Your Heart Beating or Mine”, recorded by Bruce Golden reached number three on Canadian country charts. Joe’s group, now The Red Rose continues to play dances and shows and he also plays gospel with the Old Hims and is now writing gospel. Joe is also involved in guitar building and violin repair.


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