Cathy Whelan / 2016 Hall of Fame

The Life and Times of Cathy Whalen

Cathy Whalen was born and raised on the family farm east of Enterprise, a small hamlet in Frontenac County.  Even in early childhood Cathy dreamed of playing on stage, perhaps little realizing that someday her dream would come true.  In early adulthood a tall dark stranger would come into her life.  He didn't remain a stranger for long.  He soon married her and husband Leo and Cathy moved to another farm near Marlbank and later to Stoco, near Tweed.

Loretta Lynn's famous hit song ' If you're looking at me, you're looking at Country' certainly is prophetic of Cathy's life.  She as remained true to husband, family and classic country music for well over 50 years although we're not sure in which order.  She has never lost her connection to he country roots.

During the mid-sixties Cathy played for a short period with the 'Country Rebels'. After their disbandment in 1968, Cathy and her close friends, Doug Mumford and Ralph Dafoe formed the Land O' Lakes Trio which soon evolved to become the Land O' Lakes Cruisers.  Cathy is still at the helm all these years later.

Cathy and the Land O' Lakes Cruisers have become legendary nearly half a century later. Over the years her warm personality, humour and musical ability has earned her a huge legend of friends and fans.  Today her name is the most recognized female artist in the Tri-County area and beyond earning her the title of 'Tweed's First Lady of County Music'.  Today Cathy and Leo still reside on the farm in Stoco.

Biography by Bob Taylor. 


Cathy Whelan performing 'My Baby's Gone'.