Charlie Pringle / 2016 Hall of Fame

Charlie Pringle grew up in the Northbrook area.  As a musician, he is self-taught - learning by watching others play their instruments with never any formal lessons. His early working life found him in the lumber camps like many of the young men his age in this area. If the evenings Charlie had the opportunity to play his guitar and sing.  Old time country music was the most played since Bluegrass was not well known in the camps.

As a young man Charlie unfortunately lost some fingers in a work accident which prevented him from playing the guitar but his singing and love for music continued.  Charlie played with Ronny Clark and Murry Northey making some early cassettes.

Charlie's signature song is "Worn Out" which he still gets requests for wherever he performs today.  At the age of 92 he is still singing at weddings, church and different open mics in Plevna and Tweed and remains a crowd favourite.

Bio dictated by Bob Taylor