Reg Weber / 2016 Hall of Fame

The Life and Times of Reg Weber

Reg was born and grew up in the Northbrook area. Some people believe Reg’s first play toy was a guitar. From a very early age, Reg was addicted to country music. Reg and a number of the local lads were always playing whenever an opportunity presented itself.

Reg’s first band of note was the Country Four which was comprised of Terry Lessard and his buddy Ronnie Clark.  Terry sang vocals and played rhythm while Ronnie could play most string instruments.  Doreen Black on bass was the fourth member of the group and brought a semblance of maturity to the foursome.  The band lasted for about a decade performing throughout the Land O' Lakes area.   According to Terry Lessard, "golly, we were a wild bunch, I don't know how poor Doreen put up with us".  He added, " we never made much money but we sure had a lot of fun."

After the Country Four, Reg went on and played with the Country Classics along with Laverne 'Chester' McCann, son of Western Hayriders, Jack and Marlene McCann.

Music was in Reg's blood and he went into the music instrument retail business, first opening an outlet in Tweed where he also taught music before moving the business to Northbrook.  After establishing a solid business he moved the business to Pickering and later relocated to Perth for over twenty years as Front Line Music. Reg would often be seen sitting in his store a pickin' and a grinnin' when customers would enter.  His clientele from  all over East-Central Ontario continued to patronize Reg regardless of his location which spoke millions of his knowledge and customer service.

A chronic, debilitating illness took over Reg in 2014 compelling him to close his business and retire to his home in Kingston.  Reg vigorously entered into a strenuous rehab program and made immediate progression to the point he was back playing his beloved Fender Telemaster.

In an effort to pay tribute to Reg, the concept of the Land O' Lakes Hall of Fame came into focus and soon it was Game On.  Unwittingly Reg became the genesis for the Hall of Fame so it is right and fitting that Reg was the first to enter this new and hallowed institution.  Reg still resides in Glenburnie with his wife Jill.

Biography by Bob Taylor.