Doreen Black - Entertainer - Living

Marble Lake; Classic Country vocalist, bass guitarist with the popular “Country Four” for a decade in the 60's and 70's . Doreen has also made countless guest appearances on radio stations in Oshawa, numerous jamborees, concerts and open mics, age 81.  Read More.

Darlene Brooks - Entertainer - Living

Trenton ; Classic country vocalist, with several CD’s to her credit. Has appeared at numerous jamborees, concerts and open mics with her high energy renditions. She comes by her musical heritage naturally as she is the daughter of Albert St.Pierre.  Read More.

Walter Cameron - Entertainer - Living

Hailing from McDonald's Corners, Wally is a renowned vocalist and bass guitarist who performed extensively with the iconic Ron McMunn . Wally has shared his talents with the residents and guests of North Frontenac, Leeds and North Addington for a lifetime. Age 78.  Read More.

John Foreman - Entertainer - Living

Bancroft; As a storyteller, artisan, composer and musician, John is an entertainer extraordinaire. Beginning his career with a harmonica, John is a master of several instruments, leaning towards Bluegrass, Celtic, and Acadian music. His style is as unique as the man himself. John produces and hosts bi-monthly shows in his hometown, Bancroft. Age 78. Read More.

Jim Kirkham - Entertainer - Living

Clarendon Station; Jim is an accomplished country guitarist learning his trade with the greats of North Frontenac. Jim has performed extensively in his early years with several groups in the Central Frontenac and Leeds area. Jim now lives in Kingston.  Read More.

Doug McCrory - Entertainer - Living

Belleville; Doug began his career with the Country Rebels in the 1960's and formed his own group, the Hangmen in 1968. Doug and the Hangmen played extensively doing the tavern, barroom and honky-tonk scene in the East Central reaches of Ontario for the next 25 years. Age 76.  Read More.

Doug Mumford - Entertainer - Living

Tweed/Stoco; In his teenage years and early adulthood Doug was a member of the Mumford Brothers, a noted troupe from the Bancroft area. After moving to Tweed, Doug with his uncanny wit and personality became a founding member of the iconic Land O'Lakes Cruisers. Doug also formed another well known country band, “Cripple Creek ". In addition to vocals, Doug is also an accomplished musician mastering most string instruments, such as the steel, bass, and lead guitar, also the fiddle, and mandolin. Age 83.  Read More.

Ernie Smith - Entertainer - Living

Kingston ; The old saying that "good things don't last forever”, certainly doesn't apply to Ernie who has been performing regularly for 63 years. At age 15 Ernie was playing drums with the famed "Country Hoppers” of Gary "Gizz” Watt and Pappy Ryan fame on station CKWS. Never taking a hiatus, Ernie formed two famed bands, the “Wildwoods” and “Bakersfield”. He has also played extensive years with “Miners Bay” and for the past decade has been the drummer and vocalist for Kenny Kovacks and Heartland; age 78.  Read More.

Albert St. Pierre - Entertainer - Living

Sharbot Lake; Albert has had a lengthy career; performing at many venues in Hastings, L&A and Frontenac Counties. He has performed at many Jamborees, concerts, fall fairs and open mics. His regular gig is entertaining the many seniors in area nursing homes. Albert is now part of the popular duo of Albert & Patti. Ageless.  Read More.