Dave Dawson – Songwriter

Dave Dawson

Dave was born in 1933 on a farm near Huntington, Quebec, and grew up on another farm on the Vermont border near the town of Sutton, in Quebec’s eastern Townships.

David is a retired “telephone man” now living near Sharbot Lake, Ontario in a renovated “One Room” schoolhouse on the old “Bell Line” road.

As a very young boy, Dave enjoyed listening to his mother read the poems of Robert Service and Henry Drummond. This planted the seed for a creative growth which has been part of Dave for more than his eighty years. Dave’s poetry usually makes a transition into song form for which he is well known. Dave’s musical creations may be classed as Folk or possibly Blues and some say Country.  Dave has multiple recordings dedicated to Jimmy Rodgers, who was a country/folk legend from his youth.

Dave is also a noted author and his poetry mirrors his travels throughout Canada and the USA.


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