Doug Mumford – Entertainer – Living

Doug Mumford

Doug was born near Bancroft into a musical family. Two of his older brothers were accomplished musicians as young Doug began making his mark.

He and his brothers formed the Rambling Highlanders. They played extensively throughout North Hastings and Peterborough County, performing regularly on CHEX radio in Peterborough, on the great Sean Eyre’s Country Show.

Their next venture was as the Mumford brothers, taking over a lakeside pavilion on Dark Lake at Wilberforce where they played for dances for a lengthy period.

After Doug was transferred to Tweed with the MNR. He performed on an irregular basis with friends Floyd lnwood and Ralph Dafoe. In early 1968 Doug and Ralph performed with the Country Rebels who were nearing the end of a long stint in southern Prince Edward County.

In mid 1968, Doug, along with buddies Floyd lnwood and Ralph Dafoe formed the Land O’ Lakes Trio which performed regularly at the Stoco Hotel among others. Before long, Floyd retired and was replaced by Cathy Whalen. The group went on to become the area's legendary dance band. By this time Doug had become a very accomplished musician on most string instruments, but performed mostly on a table steel guitar.  After a decade plus, Ralph had retired and soon Doug followed suit.

Retirement was not in the cards for Doug and soon he formed a new band, Cripple Creek along with buddies, Curly Taylor and Joey Saunders.

Doug performed many times at the Trent Valley Jamboree and the Marlbank Charity Jamboree.  Now in his eighties, Doug has retired from actively performing.

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