Floyd Woodcock – Posthumous

Floyd was born at White Lake, a few miles south of Madoc. In his early years young Floyd would be found with his beloved fiddle at local parties every weekend. It was at one of these parties that he met Alma Wood, his wife to be and life's partner. Floyd and his brother joined the iconic band of the fifties, the Trent Valley Ramblers where he played twin fiddles with his brother, Merritt, a rarity by today's musical standards.

For several years they performed a local radio show on CJBQ and appeared regularly at the legendary Tobes’s County Gardens at Rossmore, just across the Bay Bridge from Belleville. Tobe’s was an extraordinary large concert and dance hall and drew touring Country and Western music stars such as Stoney Cooper, Wilma Lee and Wilf Carter. The latter persuaded Floyd to join his troupe, and Floyd readily agreed hoping to see the world. Over a year later Floyd received a telegram advising him that if he wished to see his kids again, he must be home by the end of the month. Thus ended Floyd's wandering ways.

Floyd returned home and rejoined the Trent Valley Ramblers until their disbandment. He then played with Lil‘ Davey Woods and the Cottonwoods and subsequently with Uncle Charley Stapley and the Starliters, until Uncle Charley's untimely death due to a tragic auto accident.

Floyd and his wife Alma are interred in White Lake cemetery.

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